The Story that is My Life

My life as it has been and as it continues to unfold is a story. One story made up of many stories. One complex, yet simple story. One sometimes messy, but so beautiful story. One story that I wonder if it might be interesting to be told.

This blog is my attempt to put part, or parts, of that story into words, pictures, or whatever form my mind can wrap itself around or create from within myself to express what it is like to be the one inside Cindy's Story. This is an exploration on my part and on yours in reading, and seeing, and maybe even hearing. It is not necessarily chronological. It might not always make sense, but it is my expression. It is me.

You are invited to see how my story unfolds.....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kenya Prayer Update, May 4, 2001

[The following is an email prayer letter I sent home to the US while I was living for a year in Africa.  I am sure that many of the prayer needs are still needed to be prayed for today.]

Greetings in Christ's Name,

"Jambo" (Hello) from Kenya, East Africa.  I know it has been a long time since most of you have heard from me, and so I just want to share a few things with you.

I was joined at my village in Kenya by Kirsty this past January.  She has been a blessing from God.  This last school term I have been able to share the leaching work load with Kirsty as well as have a friend to talk to and laugh with.  I have also been encouraged by the way God is using me to work in Kirsty's life. I have been able challenge her to seek God more and to strive to have her life more conformed to God's image.  Please pray that she will gain the strength to continue in the things that God is teaching her, even when she returns home to England and is again with her non-Christian friends.  Pray that God will make her a shining light for Him wherever she is.

Last term I was able to visit many homes/huts in the village each Thursday afternoon.  While doing this, I met many people, especially women who are Christians but do not go to church.  Some of the women want to come, but their husbands are not Christians and do not allow it, while other women say they will come, but they don't make the effort when Sunday morning comes.

I have been sadly surprised by the number of non-Christian "wazee" (older men) that I have met while visiting people's huts that are caught up in drunkenness or in traditional animistic and ancestral worship.  We need to pray that God will brake the binds that hold them, and that He will open their eyes to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  A man has an incredible influence on many others around him here in Kenya, as the leader of his family and in the community.  The question is whether that influence will be a good one for the Kingdom of God, or one that distracts from it and makes others stumble.

In the local church in my village, I am currently teaching on the book of Ephesians in the Bible twice a month.  I pray that God is using that in people's lives.

Through the generous gift sent to me from one of you, I was able to buy and give a Bible in the local language (Kikamba) to each family group in the church!  Now it is my prayer that they will begin reading the Bible for themselves.  I think this is a challenge even in our daily lives, but how will God speak to us if we are not reading His Word?  As the Kamba people and we read our Bibles, I pray that the Holy Spirit will teach and counsel us and show us God's will that we may walk in it.

Currently, I have just had a holiday from school, and I am returning to Muthyoi by "matatu" (mini-bus) tomorrow for the start of a new school term.  This will be my final term before coming back to the States in August.  I am a bit weary about going back to the village, as it seems like such a big job in front of me.  I feel so inadequate to do it.  I need God's strength so that I may finish well and leave behind something that will bring Him glory, not of myself.

Thank you again for your prayers.  They are what keep me going.  I have sent photos to some of you, and I hope you are enjoying them and showing them to others as well.  I look forward to seeing you in person in August.

May God bless you as you grow to love Jesus more and more each day.