The Story that is My Life

My life as it has been and as it continues to unfold is a story. One story made up of many stories. One complex, yet simple story. One sometimes messy, but so beautiful story. One story that I wonder if it might be interesting to be told.

This blog is my attempt to put part, or parts, of that story into words, pictures, or whatever form my mind can wrap itself around or create from within myself to express what it is like to be the one inside Cindy's Story. This is an exploration on my part and on yours in reading, and seeing, and maybe even hearing. It is not necessarily chronological. It might not always make sense, but it is my expression. It is me.

You are invited to see how my story unfolds.....

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Change I'd Like to Make in 2017

I love him, but I don't spend much time with him. I forget that he is waiting and longing for me to come spend time with him. I love him, but I don't talk to him much at all. Sometimes days go by before I say anything to him. Sometimes I reminisce of the days when we were close, when we spent time together every day pursuing our shared desires in life.

It was so good, those times.  We would share life.  We would talk.  I would listen as he spoke to me, and he would listen as I spoke to him.  Not only did we speak together, but I loved him so much I would speak to my family and friends about how wonderful he was, and even speak to people that I didn't know about him.  My love for him spilled out and brought me joy!

The thing is, I still love him just as much.  I love him more than anyone or anything.  I would die without him.  So why do I ignore him and forget about him?  I know he loves me and is faithful.  He loves me so much he would die for me.

So, "Why?" you may ask, "do you not communicate?  Why do you not share every moment of your life with him?  Has he gone away?  Is he unreachable?"

"No," I say, "he, the one that I love, he is here."

He is always right beside me ready to listen, ready to speak into my life, ready to share joy, and ready to comfort me when I need it.  He wants to love me and provide for my deepest needs.  He waits for me and calls me to come to him.

So, this year, 2017, I would like to combine my feelings of love with my actions of love.  I want us to spend times talking, listening, and sharing.  I want us to be on the same page when it comes to the desires of our hearts.  I want to spend so much time with him that I begin to take on his wonderful likeness.  I want you to see such love and excitement from me that you ask me, "Who is this amazing one that you love?  How can I know him too?"

I want to love him with my life.

So I say, "Jesus Christ I love you."